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Who Are We?

Roslyn M. Satchel

Roslyn M. Satchel is the Blanche Seaver Professor of Communication and an affiliate faculty member in the Social Action and Justice Colloquium at Seaver College. She is also an adjunct professor at Caruso School of Law. Roslyn is an elder and former pastor in the African Methodist
Episcopal Church. For more than 20 years, Satchel’s global work as human rights advocate for survivors
of violence and indigent/imprisoned women and children have distinguished her as an activist, scholar, and community organizer. Satchel holds a Ph.D. in media and public affairs from Louisiana State University, a JD and an MDiv from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, and a BA in communication from Howard University in Washington, DC.  

Tanya Asim Cooper

Tanya Asim Cooper serves as associate clinical professor of law and director of the Restoration and Justice Clinic at the Caruso School of Law. As a practicing lawyer and law professor, she and her students represent survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking. Cooper’s research focuses on domestic violence in the Christian church, and she has represented many domestic violence survivors from different religions and faith traditions. 

Thema Bryant-Davis

Thema Bryant-Davis is a professor of psychology at the Graduate School of Education and Psychology and director of the Culture and Trauma Research Lab. A licensed psychologist
and ordained minister in the African Methodist Episcopal Church, Bryant-Davis completed her master of divinity degree at Pepperdine and is a past president of the Society for the Psychology of Women. Dr. Bryant-Davis earned her doctorate in clinical psychology from Duke University and completed her post-doctoral training
at the Victims of Violence program at Harvard Medical Center.

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